Keynote Speaker

Tan Sri Dr. Salleh Mohd. Nor

Former First Director-General of Forest Research Institute Malaysia

Title: Challenges of Tropical Forestry in the Coming Years

A forester by profession, foundation fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) and winner of numerous awards, including the prestigious Merdeka Award, Salleh was founder Director General of the Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM), past President of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) and Past President of the International Union of Forestry Research Institutions (IUFRO). He was the first President of IUFRO from outside Europe and the USA in 100 years history of IUFRO. He led FRIM to become a global leader in tropical forestry research. He was MNS President for 30 years and was instrumental in creating Endau Rompin National Park in Johore and Belum State Park in Perak. He has led a varied career, including as the Chief Executive Officer of the World Endurance Championship in 2019, Secretary-General and Senior Fellow of ASM, visited Antarctica four times and the Arctic once, President and Fellow of the Malaysian Scientific Association, Chairman of the Malaysian Turtle Protection Society and a number of other NGOs. He is the oldest Malaysian to have hiked to Everest Base Camp at the age of 72. He has written 13 books and continues his passion for writing.

Invited Speaker 1

Prof. Dr. Koichiro Kuraji

Head of Executive Office, The University of Tokyo Forests

Title: Ecosystem services with special reference to water resources

Professor Dr Koichiro Kuraji is currently a Professor of the Laboratory of Forest and Water Resources Management, the University of Tokyo Forests. He obtained his Doctoral Degree in Forest Science from the University of Tokyo. His past working experience includes serving as a Research Officer in Forest Research Centre Sepilok, Sabah Forestry Department; and as an academician at the University of Tokyo Chiba Forest, Tokyo Institute of Technology, the University of Tokyo Aichi Forest, and Ecohydrology Research Institute. His research expertise is forest hydrology and integrated watershed management. His recent professional work includes serving as the Director of the Executive Office at the University of Tokyo Forests, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo; Chairman of the Follow-up Committee of the Basic Act on Water Cycle (Act No. 16 of 2014); and Core member of the Advancing Co-design of Integrated Strategies with Adaptation to Climate Change (ADAP-T).

Invited Speaker 2

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Feng-Cheng Chang

School of Forestry & Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University.

Title: Development of Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Composite Materials

Feng-Cheng Chang is currently an Associate Professor at the School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University. He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia, Canada and M.Sc. from National Taiwan University, Taiwan. His research expertise is on bio-based composite materials, including developing bio-fibre and bio-composite materials, value-adding and reusing of industrial wastes, improving and applying plant-based biomaterials, and long-term viscoelasticity performance of plant-based biomaterials. His current projects include bamboo textile-reinforced polymer composites, the development of bamboo-based nanocrystalline cellulose fibre-reinforced composite materials, sing biomaterials to develop activated carbon fibre for filtration and adsorption, and the application of electrospinning to produce lignin fibrous filtration materials.

Invited Speaker 3

Dr. Ahmad Zuhaidi Yahya A.M.N

Roxburghii Forestry Consultant

Title: Modelling crown diameter growth and diameter growth of selected forest plantation species

Dr Ahmad Zuhaidi Yahya is currently a fellowship researcher of Silviculture in the Forest Plantation Section, Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). He served at FRIM from 1988 until his official retirement in 2016. His previous work was with the Forest Department of Peninsular Malaysia, and Sabah Forestry Development Authority. He received his Ph.D. (Forest Growth, Yield & Modelling) and MSc. Forestry Science (Plantation) from Scotland. His research expertise is silviculture of forest plantation species; forest tree growth, yield and modelling; afforestation of ex-mining land and reforestation. His recent work includes managing afforestation works in ex-mining lands (Upper Perak and Lipis, Pahang); Technical Adviser for Aramijaya Sdn Bhd (Reforestation of ex-Acacia stand) / Jawala Forest Industries, Sapulut Sabah (Reforestation using Laran) / Durian Plantation, Pahang; and as a panel expert for Forest Plantation Development, Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) and Forest Assessment Report, SPPT, Chenderong, Terengganu.

Invited Speaker 4

Datuk Frederick Kugan

Chief Conservator of Forests, Sabah Forestry Department.

Title: Tropical Forestry in Sabah and the Way Forward

Datuk Frederick Kugan is a forester currently serving as the Chief Conservator of Forests of the Sabah Forestry Department. He received forestry education from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia and New Brunswick University, Canada. He was the Project Director of several conservation projects, including the Heart of Borneo (HoB) Initiative, the European Union-Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Plus (EU-REDD+) Project, the United Nations Development-Programme Global Environmental Finance (UNDP-GEF) – Biodiversity Conservation in Multiple Use Forest Landscapes in Sabah Project, among other projects. His current projects involve Forest policy and legislation formulation and Development, Forest Sectoral Planning, International & Corporate Affairs, Organisation and Coordination of International and Regional Cooperation, Sustainable Forest Management, Forest Certification, Development & Projects, and Project Director of several key conservation initiatives/projects.